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Sree Vijaya Vittala Computers is a leading IT Hardware Sales and Services company. We have been serving the industry for the past 10 years.








We are dedicated to deliver what makes our customers successful through our experience. We believe in understanding our customer needs and come up with innovative solutions to meet and exceed their expectations.

We build and customize products and offer services to satisfy a range of customer requirements, from desktops, workstations and entry level servers to high end mission critical servers and we also provide premier services to leading global corporations.

Sree Vijaya Vittala Computers has alliance with industry leaders including Samsung, Compaq, Acer, Xerox, HP, APC, Wipro, LG, Intel and Microsoft to offer high quality, cost effective end-to-end solutions which provides reliability, stability, scalability, lower cost of ownership, Value for Money to all our clients.

Our Commitment
Sree Vijaya Vittala Computers aims to deliver products that meet international standards, a high level of quality, followed by dedicated customer services to all our clients on time, every time.

Our Mission
To become the most trusted solution partner, creating sustainable business value by using our local insight and talent.



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